Monday, October 17, 2011

Just One of Those Days

You know those days where everything starts out pretty great, then something just goes wrong? Today was just one of those days.

Today started off as one of the kinds of days where you actually get stuff done. Like, bake a cake. Or make a giant cookie the size of a large pizza and frost it red (or more of a pink if you can't make it red enough) and cover with candy so it also looks like a large pizza. Or hang out with a friend. Or battle with Pokemon cards with your older brother and that friend. Or contact a seamstress to get your dress altered for a wedding. Or get some laundry done.

Or, if you're me, all of the above.

My day really was going exceptionally well. I was leaving with my friend, Carlin, to go drop off my giant pizza cookie at work, then take my dress to the seamstress I had called and contacted, and then possibly find time to donate plasma before heading off to work that night. I made it to Domino's and dropped off the pizza cookie and went back out to the car. And tried to start the car.

And then I tried to start the car again.
And again.
And again.

You know, it had driven there fine. It had given no signs of any issues before. But now it would NOT start. Two of my coworkers came and stopped and looked at the car. We tried getting a rolling start to get it to turn over and start. We tried SEVERAL ideas. NOTHING worked. I was also having a very hard time getting someone to cover my shift. I had to call and cancel my appointment to stop by the seamstress' house to drop off the dress and get the alterations done as soon as possible.

Honestly, I was ready to cry. I was so stressed out that it was ridiculous. My manager Ashlie was pretty much ready to let me use her car to close, but she wasn't sure she actually could let one of the drivers use her car since she was manager. I finally managed to find someone to close for me, though, and I went back to my car. Carlin tried contacting a friend to get suggestions on how to get it to start, but nothing worked. We walked across the street to the library, came back, and then finally got a ride from Carlin's grandmother. She dropped me off at my house and I headed to bed.

So, crying is definitely the worst invention ever. Honestly? Apparently feeling upset enough to cry isn't enough, because then you also get a headache, congestion, and your eyes get all red and puffy. End result, you look as bad as you feel. Which, if you encounter a mirror after crying, only makes you feel worse. Someone seriously needs to revise this invention. All it does is makes you go from feeling horrible to making you feel worse. It does help relieve stress, though. Somehow.

When Andrew got on his break from work he then got all of the texts I had sent him. He handled it really well, assuring me he didn't think it was my fault, we'd figure it out, and that he'd stop by after work. Honestly, reacting the way he did just helped reaffirm my belief that I'm choosing a great guy to marry. I'm so grateful for him.

Hopefully soon we can get everything figured out with his car. At least tomorrow is my day off...

And hopefully tomorrow isn't just one of those days.

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  1. I'm sorry - today is inherently going to be better - because you'll find the sunshine - you always do. :) I agree with you 100% about crying. Awful thing, that. Love,Mom