Thursday, October 27, 2011


"We're not going tomorrow," I insisted yet again, stubborn.
Andrew had changed the topic for a while, only to bring it up again. "I can even walk without a limp," he insisted.
"You were limping this morning. Are you sure that you're not not limping simply because you're being stubborn and forcing yourself to walk normally so that we can go?"
" . . . That may have something to do with it," Andrew admitted, smiling at me with wide eyes, trying to pull an innocent expression to win me over. That or it could have been an attempt at giving me pleading "puppy eyes". I decided to try to ignore his expression.
"Another thing with not going," I added, giving Andrew an alternate solution so that he would be okay with not going this time, "is there's a dinner date dance night with the Orem Institute in November."
"Great!" Andrew said cheerily. "We can go to that, too!"
I shook my head, amused at his dogged determination.
"I'll even dress up. I can wear a cape and slick my hair back and go as a vampire. The kind without glitter," he continued. "I won't even need any kind of makeup, since I'm white enough already." I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder, not responding. I pulled away again, looking him in the eyes. His expression was still there. I turned away, trying not to let myself get worn over.
"You know you want to," Andrew pressed.. Leaning back against him as he wrapped his arms around me, I sighed.
"Ok, maybe a little."
"HA! See? I was right! I win! Even if only half of you wants to, ALL of me does, and that makes it 3/4 against 1/4, and majority wins!" He was grinning, triumphant.
Struggling internally, I turned to him. "You'll stop if your foot starts hurting too badly?"
"I may be a little stupid, but I'm not an idiot."
"Okay, we can go."

We're going dancing tomorrow night.

Normally Andrew doesn't have to try pressing at me to go dancing with him. I honestly love dancing with him. This time it was different though.
We had gone to classic skating a couple days ago and he had broken open a blister on his foot that neither of us knew existed. Consequentially, his foot was hurting him a lot.
However, I'm marrying someone that absolutely loves ballroom and loves going dancing. How could he pass that up?

First conversational debate results?
Both of us were silently stubborn.
Him stubbornly wanting to take me dancing, me not wanting him to hurt his foot worse.
After conversing for a while, we compromised.

Marriage is certainly going to be interesting.
Especially when we reach issues difficult to compromise over.

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  1. you're so cute :) you guys are going to be awesome team