Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Eventful Week of Sorts

This week went "interesting" on Tuesday... I was at work and it started raining. Hard. I was delighted, because I absolutely LOVE the rain. In between deliveries, running in and out the door, was the BEST! I would get rained on and I loved the feel of the water splashing my face. However, this turned out to not be as great of a thing as I thought it was. The streets were full of water, and my boyfriend's basement flooded.

I asked him if there was any way I could help, & he asked me to call him after I got off of work to see where they were at then. When I called, things were in a muddled confusion. Background noise + Andrew being distracted = not much made sense, other than the fact they were leaving to go get ANOTHER shop vac. I volunteered towels & a fan, and we decided he would call/text me to let me know when they were back so I could head over.

After borrowing 2 towels from Terry, my roommate's boyfriend, I grabbed all of my towels I own (3) and hopped in my car. I decided to stop by D.I. in case I could find more towels. Turns out they were closing when I got there, so it didn't happen. Still waiting for him to text or call me, I went over to the park close to his apartment. I feel useless doing nothing when I know there's something going on I could be helping with, so I decided I'd go swing to help get rid of some of my nervous energy.

As I got closer to the swings, I noticed that something was sitting on top of it. When I got fairly close, I noticed it was an owl, staring straight at me. Now, the best comparison I could think of on what sound it was making was like those ghosts with the lamps in Zelda, Orcharina of Time (I used to play when I was younger). I backed up, deciding to just watch it. I'd never seen an owl in real life before, so I sat on the park bench and just watched it. I think it was unsure what to think about me, because it started rocking its body and swirling its head. Maybe this was supposed to be intimidating? It looked like a cute little dance to me. I heard a similar noise coming from the other park bench, so I turned. There were perched two more owls, the same size as the one on the swingset. (which was about one foot tall, at the most. They were TINY).

After a while, I left. My boyfriend texted me saying they were good and to go tutor. So I did. By the end of the quiz I was falling asleep & drove home.

That was JUST Tuesday.

The next day I went to the temple to meet up with Andrew so we could do baptisms together. On the way there it was raining,which I loved. I got pulled into a different group doing family names, and he ended up having the work he was doing go longer, so we never met up. When I got out of the temple, I turned my phone on & the texts started coming in. I got a few in total, but Andrew sent the most... Having never met up with him, he had apparently still tried meeting up & thought something had happened to me. I made sure he knew I was fine, then found out his basement flooded AGAIN. I changed & went over to help. That was also Viva's birthday, which of course I forgot about :P

Thursday I went to go tutor, only to find that they had a U-Haul truck there, and they were in the middle of moving. I helped them pack, recruited Andrew, & we got to work. Around 10 Andrew left, & half an hour later, things died down. With nothing to do I headed home & went to bed.

Friday my car stalled during work, my mom came to save me, then Andrew came to help (we were going to go on a hike, but he ended up coming over to help me help my mom move)... I drove the van home from Salt Lake with the kids so my mom could drive the U-Haul truck. It was an interesting day. I started crashing super early.

Saturday I went to the temple with Andrew, then we went & did a service project. Then we tried finding a place to fix my car. Turns out everywhere is closed until Monday... So Andrew's dad will help me fix it then.

Now, this next part, I'm not sure how many people really read my blog... But I guess here's a minor heads up. That I debated about not mentioning until later, but it adds to the craziness of the week.

Then, Andrew & I went shopping... for a ring. 5 stores later, I never want to go into another jewelry store for a ring again in my life. EVER. I am so done. I met his mom. She took the news better than we thought. Andrew gets to talk to my dad tonight (since it's now 1 AM...)... This could be interesting.

By the way, this is still completely unofficial... I mean, he hasn't even asked me to marry him yet (though apparently he already knows where when & how... - I'm guessing August 10th when I'm taking the day off to go to Lagoon with him... But I may very well be wrong.) But yes. Very unofficial. I could still say no... ;)

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