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A Fairytale Skeptic

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That being said, back to my post.

Fairytales - Always a happy ending, and what we all secretly wish for.
However, whenever I allow myself to think about a fairytale a little more thoroughly, something seems off, like it doesn't quite work. As sweet, charming, and romantic as they are, they don't ring true. Somehow I don't feel like what they have is completely.... real.

Every girl secretly wishes to be a princess, to find their prince charming and be swept off their feet by a doting (even worshiping, in some of these stories), handsome man, then live happily ever after in his arms. I'm not going to lie, I am completely a hopeless romantic that constantly dreams of having my own fairytale story. But what the princesses have just doesn't seem really... lasting to me.

For example, can we touch upon my first issue?

1. They haven't known each other long enough to REALLY love each other! 

Like in Snow White, where she literally meets the guy one day randomly. They sing one song together, flirt a little bit, and all of a sudden they are true loves?? Um, question!! How many of you have ever flirted with a guy? Everyone has. With MANY guys. This poor princess just hasn't gotten out enough. One flirt episode and a song is NOT enough to build a marriage off of.

Enchanted uses satire in their movie, pointing out this flaw in the lines that most people laugh at:

Giselle: Oh, it's you.
Prince Edward: Yes, it's me. And you are?
Giselle: Giselle.
Prince Edward: Oh, Giselle! We shall be married in the morning!

The character Robert addresses that issue later in the movie as well, though in a more blunt manner than the satire used in the opening of the movie.

Robert: So, what's the deal with this prince of yours? How long you been together?
Giselle: [wistfully] Oh, about a day.
Robert: You mean it feels like a day because you're so in love.
Giselle: No, it's been a day.
Robert: You're kidding me. A day? One day?
Giselle: Yes. And tomorrow it will be two days.
Robert: You're joking.
Giselle: No. I'm not.
Robert: Yeah, you are.
Giselle: But I'm not.
Robert: You're gonna marry somebody after a day? Because you fell in love with him?
Giselle: Yes. [grins] Yes! What about you? How long have you known your Nancy?
Robert: Uh, five years.
Giselle: And you haven't proposed?
Robert: Well, no, I...
Giselle: Well no wonder she's angry.
Robert: Well... You know most normal people get to know each other before they get married. They date.
Giselle: Date?
Robert: Yeah, you know. Date.
[Giselle shakes her head not understanding]
Robert: You go someplace special, like a restaurant, or a movie, or museum, or you just hang out and you talk.
Giselle: What do you talk about?
Robert: About each other. About yourself. About your interests, your likes your dislikes, you talk.
Giselle: Oh, you have such strange ideas about love.

2. DRAMATIC character changes because they fell in love don't last.

 I'm sorry, but those don't last. Once the honeymoon stage in a relationship wears off, so does the "change." Unless they REALLY work consistently on the change, and its made more gradually (or made from a traumatic event or something) it's not going to last.

So, for my example:
Prince Naveen; flighty, gold digging, opportunist. He goes through an entire personality change. That doesn't just happen JUST because you fell in love. And if it does... it won't last. There won't always be fireworks in a relationship, and when they fade...

I'm sorry, but the "change" was way to SUDDEN to last. They haven't known each other for long enough. If you really think about how long they were together, it wasn't that long.

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