Saturday, April 30, 2011

Re-Writing Katy Perry's Teenage Dream

I remember the first time I heard this song. I heard the opening and thought, "Oh, this song is so cute!!" Then all of a sudden, WHAM!!! It flips and takes on some questionable lyrics. This made me sad - why would they go and ruin such a fantastically cute opening and turn it into something so lame?? I decided to re-write the lyrics. I left the opening to it pretty much the same, because that was the best part of the song. I loved it!! So it stayed.

MY "Teenage Dream":

♫ You think I'm pretty without any makeup on
You think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong
I know you get me, so I'll let my walls come down
Before I met you, I  was alright but things could've been better
Then you entered my life!
Now every February, you'll be my Valentine.
Valentine! ♫

Chorus Part 1:
♪ Lets take our time falling in love, no regrets at all.
We will be the best of friends, you & I, together forever! ♪

Chorus Part 2:
♪ You make me feel so warm inside & so happy!
The way you hold me close in your arms!
Lets talk into the night & look up at the stars
I'll wish upon a star.
My heart stops when you take my hand
That one touch! Just turns me all bubbly!
Could this be real?
So I'll just hope that we never say good-bye,
Yeah, never say goodbye. ♪

♫ Our times together make me feel like a kid!
We built a snowman, and built a fort out of sheets!
Raced paper airplanes, and you pushed me on a swing
My heart sings! ♫

Chorus Parts 1 & 2

♪ Let you put your arms around me, I feel so happy
That you're here with me tonight ♪

♫Then even after you leave when I fall asleep
You'll be in my dreams tonight ♫

Chorus Part 2


  1. Aw, thanks Ruth!!! :) You're so much better of a singer than I am, you should sing my version of it sometime ;) When I did it it didn't turn out as well as I could have hoped.