Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life's Undo Button, & The Lack Thereof

I absolutely love life. But there are times when you jump ahead of yourself and act spur of the moment, without giving your action a whole lot of thought. Times like those, I really wish there was an undo button. Granted, this life is all about living and learning & often times we will make mistakes. But some mistakes can hurt, and I personally dislike hurting others by stupid, thoughtless actions.
I guess I don't really know where this not so well thought out action is going to go yet. If it goes the direction I thought it would go when I did it, I shall be extremely grateful. But if it doesn't... Then I'm going to have some work to do, making sure I don't mess things up.

Obviously Heavenly Father knew what He was doing, though, when He left out life's undo button. If we had one, we wouldn't ever learn from our mistakes. We could make as many mistakes as we liked & say, "Oh, no. It doesn't matter if I do this. I'll just hit the undo button once I'm done & go on with my merry little life, like nothing ever happened."

It's not like He is completely merciless, and offers absolutely no escape from our poor decisions. He set up a plan where we can repent for our sins and mistakes. Which is a lot harder then just hitting undo, and makes us learn & grow from our mistakes. He is definitely more infinitely wise than I - the number of times I've wished for an undo button prove so.

In the end, when it's all put in perspective, I'm actually glad Heavenly Father never obliged to all of our complaints that there is no undo button in life, no Ctrl+Z. Because His plan will actually get us somewhere, and help us develop & become His children.

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