Friday, July 2, 2010

Starting a Blog

I am your typical girl, just beginning to grow up in a very big world. Many people go back and re-account the "good-old-days". I am living now what will one day become my "good-old-days" and already I have memories I have unaccounted, quotes I long to share, and so why not get it all down?

I'm an old-fashioned girl that holds onto values the world sees as no longer "In", has creativity and many talents, and loves to serve others. Coming from a big family, there are a lot of things I've learned early, and I get a lot of those adorable little kid stories that almost everyone that interacts with children regularly has.

So, why a blog? Because I have my own childhood memories to share, recipes I try out and may want to recommend, little kid quotes that my siblings have said, spiritual thoughts, and some of the mundane.
So, I decided to give it a try!


  1. Welcome to blog land my friend :) It's a fun place to be. I have made numerous friends this way and enjoy reading about others lives.

  2. Thanks! It should be really fun. :) I just need to remember it's a bit different than a journal in that I have to make sure to filter out super personal information. I am really enjoying it so far, I have to say.