Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Make A Wish!

I looked up into the night sky, and saw a shooting star. Closing my eyes, I made a wish. When I opened my eyes, I kept searching. When I saw a second shooting star, I made another wish.

~ . ~

What is it that makes us wish, as people? Shooting stars, blowing on a dandelion and making the seeds fly away, 11:11, throwing coins into fountains, blowing the candles out on your birthday cake, first star you see at night... Everyone has some way of getting their wish out there. And yet, deep down, we know that our wish doesn't depend on those things to make it come true.

So why wish?

Have we learned over time to be discontent with what we already have? We always have to have a better salary than we do. We have to have the newest gadget, the nicest car, the biggest house... And we keep wishing for these things. We wish for health, for a loved one to not be dead, for love, for wealth, for anything bigger and better than what we already have.

The completion of our wish is not dependent on any shooting star or coin. We have to make our dreams happen, through hard work. That's how any dream is fulfilled.

You want that mansion, mustang, and I-phone? Go get an education, get a job, and work hard for it, put a lot of money into savings for your dream.
You want true love? Become the sort of person that will attract the kind of guy or girl you dream of. Make an effort on your physical appearance, and don't hide in your room all day. Don't wait for true love to happen to you.
Want health? This one is contingent on a lot of factors, but if you're wishing for a slim, healthy body, then exercise, be careful of what you eat, and look in the mirror ever day and tell yourself you're beautiful and skinny. (Trust me, it works.)

~ . ~

With every will, there is a way. It's just not as simple as blowing out the candles on a cake.


  1. Dear Sweet Elizabeth, your wisdom is far beyond your years. I enjoy reading your posts. You are a good writer. Can you share some tender insights with how to cope with wishing my loved one was still with me?

  2. Thank you, Sister Fisher. :) And I would love to do a post for you. Let me see if I can help at all.