Thursday, January 19, 2012

"So, How's The Married Life?"

That seems to be the question I get asked the most now that I am newly married. Here's the best response I can possibly give to such an inquiry.

Girls, which of you WOULDN'T love being married to someone that...

  • Opens doors for you everywhere you go (And it's not just a temporary special treatment - he does this for his mom, too.)
  • When he sees dirty dishes on the counter, says, "Wow, your husband really needs to do some dishes!" and then actually follows through with it. Yes, he does the dishes.
    • When he goes over to your mom's house, he helps with her dishes, too.
  • Says that the greatest thing you can do for him when he gets home is have something he can help with.
  • Treats you like the most beautiful, incredible princess/queen that has ever walked this earth.
  • Loves your cooking and compliments it (even if you KNOW you added too much garlic or salt).
    • And even though he claims he can't cook, he makes dinner as well so you aren't doing it every single night.
    • (And, by the way, he makes the world's best No Bake Cookies EVER - they taste like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups)
  • When you come home from work and have had a crappy day, decides that you're having ice cream for dinner. "Because ice cream makes everything better," he says. Then, as a follow up, he holds you and tells you how much you mean to him, how wonderful you are, and that he loves you, until any possible bad feeling has flown away.
  • Prioritizes taking you on a date every single week.
  • Prioritizes going to the temple with you every single week.
  • Makes you laugh every single day with his wonderful sense of humor.
  • Talks with you, listens to you, and cares about everything you have to say.
  • Makes sound effects when you get into a pillow fight (I drew a sword on mine, he drew a lightsaber on his) and Nerf gun wars.
    • In fact, I enjoy fighting with my spouse, because the only kinds of fights we get into are tickle fights, pillow fights, Nerf gun wars, thumb wars, and Pokemon battles. Otherwise, verbally, we communicate and compromise.
  • Tells you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to him, that you are his whole world, you are everything to him, and that the best moment of his whole life was looking through the mirrors in the sealing room of the temple with you.
    • And he tells you OFTEN. :)
  • He tells you he loves you at least once a day.
    • Meaning, he tells you every single time he gets the chance. Which is a LOT of times every day.
  • He takes you ballroom dancing and is patient with you when you mess up.
  • He plays with your younger siblings, who love him, and never gets after them or gets impatient with them when they decide he's their new jungle gym.
  • Hides love notes on sticky notes around the house, but makes it somewhat difficult so that you have something to do while he's gone.

This is just the tip of the ice berg.

So how is married life?

It's the best thing that has ever happened to me, because it's with HIM.
It's like having a sleepover with my very best friend every single night - pillow fights included.
It's 6 bajillion percent better than being single.
And it's 5 bajillion percent better than being engaged.

There's no way to cover all of it. :) But, in short, I highly recommend it. It's superb!! :)



  1. You're the cutest, Elizabeth. I'm so glad you found such a great guy :)