Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life Is All About Friendship

This life is built around friendship.
As children, our family becomes our best friends. We grow older, branch out and make new friends, and eventually marry our best friend. And why shouldn't it be built around friendship? The Savior Himself has often called Himself our friend, and it is usually through others that our prayers are answered and our needs are met. And yet we demean the value of friendship, not serving when when we ought, not giving when we can, not using talents for others as we should. Often, we even become friends with those who may try to break down our standards. They are not "friends." To call someone a friend is to give them a title that the Savior has given us to even use for Himself. A true friend will honor your standards, answer prayers, and guide, direct, and comfort you. While we can hep others and be friends with those who do not share the same standards as us, we must not allow ourselves to be pulled down by those that call us friend. A friend is an angel, on either side of the veil, that cares for you and respects and honors you. Never take such a friend for granted, and continually strive to be such a friend yourself.

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