Saturday, November 6, 2010


I remember growing up, always wanting to have a collection. Kids at show and tell would bring their stamp collections, their card collections (Pokemon and Yugioh were the biggest hits in grade school to collect), their penny collections, sticker collections... Collecting something was a big deal back then.
I started, I tried. I collected rocks (they multiply, I swear they do. I threw them all back outside - the only ones I regret doing so with were my fossils). I collected pennies (then I spent all the pennies :) ). I collected Pokemon cards (and battled with them, and acquired quite the deck before my friend took it to Ohio with him). I collected sea shells (I still have those :D ).
I still collect - shells, quotes, and books. I also seem to be collecting, as the years go by, talents.
Quite the pack-rat, I also collect letters that have been sent to me, notes of appreciation, etc.

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