Monday, November 7, 2011

A Few Random Facts About Andrew

  • His favorite color is emerald, which is also his birthstone.
  • He's an even bigger bookworm than I am. (I didn't think this was possible...) 
    • His favorite genre is Science Fiction, and his favorite Sci-Fi author is David Weber. 
  • He likes chick flicks, like Pride and Prejudice and Ever After. 
    • His favorite movie, though, is How to Train Your Dragon.
  • He knows how to crochet; his grandmother taught him, I believe. 
  • He took a clogging class when he was young, and often when we're dancing will do foot work he learned from clogging to a dance, mixed with steps from ballroom.
  • He loves telling jokes and can come up with one for pretty much every topic.
  • He's extremely punny and loves puns. 
    • All of his Halloween costumes have been pun related. (We taped matches on our shirts and were "Matching" - he wore a suit and I wore a formal dress, and we dressed up as "dressed up" - he wore bike tires around his shirt and went as "tired").
    • He also bought a kite once with a flying pig on it just so he could get pigs to fly... The kite broke.
  • His favorite flower is the dandelion.
    •  He loves how sunshine-y and yellow they are, and how hardy they are.
  • He loves Mexican food, and his favorite drink is a purple corn drink he had on his mission in Florida.
  • His main love languages are Communication, Quality Time, and Touch.
  • He has a really good voice (especially when he's singing Hymns, I think.) 
    • He enjoys singing falsetto (maybe because it makes me laugh?) and can sing Taylor Swift songs in the correct octave.
  • He loves hiking and camping and the outdoors.
  • He's a really fast learner, and is amazing at math.
  • He doesn't like writing all that much, because he misspells words often. He hates the red line that goes underneath of words if you misspell them, and rather than try to spell things correctly he'll just figure out a way to reword it. Because of this, he's not the biggest fan of English classes.
  • He loves dancing. A lot. He's been on the bronze and silver ballroom teams at UVU, and they offered him a position on the gold team, which he didn't take.
  • As a little boy, if he ever went missing, his hiding place was underneath of two lilac bushes in his front yard.
  • He claims that he doesn't really cook, but he makes AMAZING spaghetti sauce.
  • He is a huge fan of pickles, olives, and banana peppers. 

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