Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Idea Of An Awesome Pet

 Maybe I really am an oddity. I've always thought of the oddest creatures as the coolest kind of pet. :)

 This is a caracal. I saw it on a nature video, and decided it was the coolest cat in the world. I decided I would have one in the afterlife, but I just found out they are actually something you can have as a pet. Yeeeessss =D Maybe someday :)

See Hermit Crab below? Yeah, I've actually owned one :) I asked my mom for one when I was younger. I thought it was awesome, until I realized, yeah... They pinch... haha

Sugar Glider. I want one someday. My YW leader had a few. Only downside? They're nocturnal. 
I've always thought the idea of having a pet hedgehog is awesome. They're so cute!!!

And yes. A pet ferret would be awesome :)

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