Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moving Out

You find, when you move out, that there are lots of differences in life.

It's my first day here, in this four bedroom apartment, with only one other roommate, so the silence is very enveloping, as opposed to the constant background noise that you get when you have seven younger siblings ranging from the ages 4 - 15.
Also, my roommate is Chinese, so my first task this morning is to teach her how to make oatmeal. When I came in last night and met her, I'm not sure which she was most excited about; that she finally had a roommate so she was no longer alone here, or that I know how to cook. Promptly after seeing me, she started cleaning everything in the kitchen out so that there is now room for all of my supplies, and then went through all her food, chucking some things out, and asking me if I knew how to use a majority of the ingredients in my cooking. We'll probably be getting groceries together and switching off on cooking, since she does know how to make some Chinese food. With the kitchen spotless, we started trying to figure out a meal schedule on when we could eat together, then gave up until we could get our schedules entirely figured out together.
My roommate is also 26, which since she's already discovered I'm really mature for my age (and has complimented me on so) this is no problem, and I'm very happy and relieved to say that I believe we will get on very well. :)
My biggest challenges in moving out so far have been loneliness, boredom, and I'm sure very soon learning how to cook for only two people (as opposed to 12 or more people I'm used to cooking for) will become an issue I shall have to address. It'll be like learning to cook all over again!
I'm sure other differences will arise, since last night was my first night living here. But, I'm ready. So I guess bring it on, right? :) I know I can handle this. It'll be an adjustment, absolutely, but after all, the only consistency in life is change.

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